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Alternative or second supplier filter demand due to pandemic outbreak

One major disease outbreak can take down even the best supply chain. Proactive management requires systemic preparation for these threats with the best possible information to make the right decisions in the future.

Several producers in the pharmaceutical, biochemical and food industry are looking to their supply chain and are looking to alternatives and second suppliers.

Masterfilter supplier of filters and filtherhousing in pharmaceutical industry

Also Masterfilter is seeing happening this trend by the many contacts the last months for validation and even replacement of filters in the above mentioned industries.

In recent years, blockbuster movies like “Contagion,” and “Outbreak,” have fascinated viewers, showcasing just how mind-bogglingly fast a contagious disease can spread and how devastating a pandemic can become.

The black plague, malaria, the Spanish flu and the Bubonic plague are some of the most prominent diseases in history. The Bubonic plague alone killed 250 million people, which was one-third of the population in its time. These diseases are spread by touch, bodily fluids, sexually transmitted diseases, aerosol (respiratory), and by consumption. Diseases which are transferable by human touch and aerosol can spread lightning fast, often taking the lives of many or causing extreme illness before the cause, and let alone treatment, are even diagnosed. Those diseases spread by foods and animals do not have to be consumed to be contracted; simply touch can spread a virus or bacteria to a person.

It is happening in real time now! So take your action we are there to help you finding new resource for filters and accessoiries.

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